Fundraising by Recycling cartridges and Cell Phones

Who may participate in the recycling Program ?

Anyone and everyone is welcome! The Program is open to any school, church, club, charity or organization wishing to raise funds or simply donate the empty cartridges and cell phones to benefit participating charities.

How does the Fundraising program work ?

The Program is Easy, collect inkjet, toner cartridges and cell phones - Box them up and ship them to us for free and we will send you a check once you accumulate at least $25 or more. To maximize your collection efforts we have set up some unique recycling programs designed to fit your particular requirements, your assigned local representative will help you get the most of your program. We can provide you with free Toner, ink and cell phone collection boxes as well as prepaid UPS and FedEx labels custom printed with your account information so you don't have to worry about enclosing any paperwork with you shipments, we provide downloadable flyers to help you promote the program. We want you to be successful and collect as many cartridges as you possibly can, your success is our success. Whether you are donating your cartridges or selling them to us for fundraising please take a look at our list and try to keep the majority of your shipment with items from our list so that we are not incurring additional shipping cost for items with no value to both or us. Payment for the fundraising program is done once a month if your account has $25 or more in credits, you can accumulate credits from month to month and the program runs all year long, participate for as long as you like, no contract and no minimum volume of returns required. We collect from every address in the continental USA via UPS and FedEx for free delivery to our recycling facility and we are proud to be a USA owned and operated corporation.

How much will I be paid per ink/toner cartridge and cell phones ?

We pay market value for each particular brand and model number,
Call for current list of qualified Inkjet cartridges.
Call for current list of qualified Toner cartridges.
Call for current list of qualified Cell and price list.

When Will I be paid ?

Payment for Inkjet and Toner cartridges is made monthly in arrears 30 days from the last day of each month for all cartridges received during the month. There is a minimum check amount of $10.00 if amount due is less than $10.00 any one month we will donate that money to charity as it is not feasible for us to cut checks bellow this amount or to accumulate funds for multiple month.

Is there any risk associated with handling my used printer cartridges ?

Printer cartridges are non-toxic and pose no health risk of any kind. But be aware, ink from Inkjet cartridges and loose toner from laser cartridges can leave messy stains on your clothing, furniture and carpeting. That's why we recommend that you place the cartridges in a plastic bag immediately upon receipt. That should keep any small amount of ink in the cartridge from leaking out. A word of caution: Try to avoid sorting your empty cartridges on carpeting or on upholstered furniture. Place old newspaper under your work surface when you are packing your boxes to avoid any spills, causing stains on furniture or fabric.

Which cartridges do you accept ?

We accept most printer ink and toner cartridges, Laser fax cartridges and desktop copier cartridges including the Canon PC line of copiers. We have developed this site with an interactive database of all the products we recycle, and a powerful site search tool to help you find and identify those cartridges we recycle including a photo of the cartridge.
Call your local Representative for a list of qualified Inkjet cartridges.
Call your local Representative for a list of qualified Toner cartridges.

Where will we find empty printer cartridges ?

Fortunately, the answer is everywhere. There are 100 million printers, faxes and copiers in use today and Millions more being sold each year. And each of these printers uses 5-25 cartridges each year. So you do the math. There are millions and millions of empty printer cartridges being used each year - and most of them are now ending up in landfills.

Today, nearly 50% of all homes have a home computer. That means they also have one or more printers. And nearly every kind of business and organization you can think of uses printers, faxes, and copiers. That's why we say empty cartridges are just everywhere.

How do we store cartridges as they are collected ?

The best way to store empty Inkjets is in a zip lock type bag or any plastic bag. If you have a large bag, you can fill it with inkjets. Toner cartridges should be saved in the original packaging and box, besides protecting it from damage, the box serves as a shipping container and will get recycled as well. It's very important not to store any cartridges in direct sunlight, outdoors, or in a shed where temperatures can get very hot in the summer time. This will cause damage to the cartridges and we won't be able to reuse them again.

Does it cost anything to participate ?

We provide flyers in MS Word format that can be customized in word on your computer and printed on your printer. Plus we will give a handy collection tip sheet chock full of ideas to help you collect cartridges and cell phones.

You can download all those flyers right from our website, under downloads on our recycling page.

How long will this fundraiser last ?

This fundraiser lasts as long as you want to keep earning cash for your organization. Many schools and organizations have the ability to run this program for several years and will come to count on the money. In fact, once their students or organization members become familiar with the program, the number of cartridges collected usually grows dramatically the longer you participate. We collect cartridges year round, so you can send us cartridges virtually any day of the year. The longer you participate in the program, the more money you'll make for your school or organization.