We HELP you MARKET your partner store

YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS, we believe with our help you can earn thousand of dollars each month for your program. We are marketing experts that will help you drive traffic to your new Ink & Toner store. We provide you with FREE monthly email marketing campaigns, FREE Full color business cards to hand out, and automated e-coupons that are set up to contact every customer that has bought Ink or Toner from your store. Sign up today to get an Ink and Toner partner store and let us help you earn money today. Read More

Once you have registered for your new Ink and Toner partner store, we will jump into action to start providing you marketing tools and working to get your store rolling.

Email Marketing Program, we have had great results from our e-mail Marketing tools we call "E-Blasting campaign" this is a full color flyer or news letter that we send directly to the list of e-mail addresses you provide to us. You gather up all of the email addresses you can find of people that are connected with your organization in some kind of way. Once we get the list, we will load them into a special third party software that is designed to send mass email messages in accordance with all of the federal spam laws. We are careful to abide by all of the laws while sending your messages. Rest assured that your customer email list will not be used for any other purpose other than promoting your new ink and toner store.

Full color Business Cards, Our marketing plan also uses a full color business card for your handout. We provide your organization with a high quality, brilliant colorful business cards that can be used to promote your new ink and toner store to family, friends and businesses. When you first open your store we will provide them to you and you may chose to request more as you need them.

Marketing Letter Templates, we offer "letter templates" these letter templates are great basic letters that you can email to other members of your organization that may want to do some marketing. I strongly encourage every member to tell or email 10 or 20 people per week about the program.

You will be surprised how many people will check out and buy at your new store while also saving themselves money.

Press release, As part of our program we will create and mail out press releases for your organization. The deal is simple; you sign up for a Ink & Toner partner store and provide us with a list of News agencies in your area and we will create and mail out the press releases.

Search engine submission, we will also be working to get your new web store ranked in the top of the most popular search engines.

Portal Marketing, Inkraiser.com will help people find your web store by allowing people to search for ink and Toner stores 24 hours per day 7 days per week 365 days per year.

Marketing consulting, We understand that your success is our success so we are available to speak with you about your store with our toll free customer care line as well as an assigned and dedicated representative.

Register online today and earn money tomorrow.